Exclusive Consulting Partner

Elliott Affiliates have been focused in consulting services for over 40 years, and pioneering Performance Driven Management.

Performance Driven Management is offered to Elliott Affiliates customers with additional services including professional on-site inspections saving you the time and hassle.

Visit ealtd.com, or call (410) 382-0913 for more information.

Continuous Measurement

Measurement of the results of your program can be performed by any member of your designated team while walking around your property at any time.

Learn more about Continuous Measurement

Detailed Reports

The reports provide a comprehensive view of the results of your cleaning program and guide you to the areas that will have the most impact to improve your process.

Learn more about Detailed Reports

Resource Loading

Deploy your resources in the right places with focused tasks for the best results.

Learn more about Resource Loading


Define detailed targets for your expectations, no two rooms are the same

Learn more about Specification
Identify issues before they become a problem
Avoid complaints
Avoid needless resource allocation
Industry: Transportation
Performance Driven Management saved us over $1,300,000 per year!
Building Manager
Wilmington, Dalaware
Industry: Energy
With Performance Driven Management, we established the criteria for cleanliness, and cleaning specification. Now, our cleaners know exactly what we expect from them and they deliver! It’s that simple and that effective!
Director of Facilities Services
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Industry: Food processing
Having several Class A buildings under this program for several years, we’ve greatly improved our cleaning process while reducing our costs.
Facility Manager
Northield, Illinois
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